Sayward Hill Lifestyle

Look Out On Life From Here! All of the amenities you are looking for are close to home at Sayward Hill - a West Coast lifestyle in a natural community setting - Cordova Bay and Sayward Hill have it all! Explore Life at Sayward Hill or take a Virtual Tour and discover your new outlook on life from here!

Cordova Bay - The Local Gem of Victoria

Here on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victorians enjoy a beautiful city, a magnificent setting and a climate that is the envy of the rest of Canada. It's not surprising that so many people have come here to settle and make Victoria their home and those who discover the natural beauty and unique setting of Cordova Bay are the happiest of all.

If you're thinking about moving to Sayward Hill, or if you're already here and are thinking of moving up, we hope the information in this site will aid your decision-making process. Our goal is to make your move to Sayward Hill a rewarding and happy experience. Whether you are planning a move in the next few months or looking now for retirement options down the road, we're here to help you find the information you need.